What days are you open? 

You can order cakes Wednesday-Saturday.


Can I come by your studio to chat in person about a cake?

We prefer email! It allows us to keep track of all pertinent details for your order.


How far in advance should I book my cake?

The Signature menu requires a minimum of 7 days advance notice, and Custom Cakes require a minimum of 3 weeks. In general, the sooner the better is the way to go. Please note that we do not book more than 9 months in advance.


Can you ship me a cake or other treats?

No. These are fragile 3D pieces of edible art. They will not survive shipping.

Why can’t I order one of your Signature designs as a mini?

It all comes down to labor- I spend as much time making a cake for 8 people as I do a cake for 20 people. So I have two choices: either 1) sell mini cakes, lose money on every order and run myself out of business, or 2) offer larger sizes! Eat what you’d like and freeze the rest. Have you ever had a sugar craving and realized that you have Emergency Cake stashed in your freezer? Because I assure you: there’s nothing better.


Do you make fondant or sculpted cakes?

Nope! Fondant free over here. There are lots of fondant bakers in Chicago, though- do a Google about it!


Why are your cakes so expensive? I could probably just make one myself.

You absolutely can! In fact, I’ll teach you how.


Do you make vegan, dairy free, or egg free cakes?

No. I wish that baking were as simple as just swapping out one ingredient for another, but it’s actually so much more complicated than that. I defer to the experts!



How many people per workshop?

Generally we cap workshops at 10 people. It allows people to enjoy greater personal space and more one-on-one instruction.


Whoops- I realized last minute that I can’t attend the workshop. Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket to another workshop?

Unfortunately not, tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to other dates. If you’d like to transfer your ticket to another person, shoot us an email and let us know!


Do you make wedding cakes?

Sometimes. I mostly refer couples away to my community of very talented bakers, but there are certain designs (vintage cakes, shag cakes, anything unusual or weird) that I can’t resist. If you think that sounds like you, submit a custom order form and let's chat!

Do you offer wedding tastings?

I do not. Weddings represent a very small portion of my business, and tastings (and the accompanying pomp and circumstance surrounding weddings) are a lot of work! I'd rather devote my energy to hosting workshops and leave the wedding stuff to bakers who really love it.

That's super weird. Why do you hate weddings so much??

I don't hate weddings! But I don't have the capacity to do both weddings AND workshops. Given the option, I'm going to choose workshops every. single. time.