frequently asked questions

How do I order a cake?

Please submit your order via the online Order Form. 

How far in advance should I book my cake with you?

We book up very quickly, so it's best to allow 4 weeks notice before your event. Late orders may incur a rush fee.

How tall is a Tall Small?

The Tall Small is roughly 7 inches tall without toppers and serves 15 people.

How do you take payment?

We'll send you a detailed invoice with a link for bank transfer or credit card payment. We're charged fees to process payments on top of credit card fees, so please note that for larger orders, credit card payment may incur a service fee.


When is payment due?

Payment is due in full upon your order confirmation.

Wow, that's a tall cake! How am I supposed to cut it?!

Here's the big secret: each tall cake is actually two small three layer cakes stacked on top of each other! They're separated by a cake board that easily lifts off- simply cut the top cake, remove the cake board, and cut the bottom layer. Magic!

I'm going to be traveling outside of the city of Chicago with this cake. Should I mention this when I order? 

YES. ABSOLUTELY. These cakes are tall and fragile- if you're traveling at all, please let me know.

Do you do wedding cakes?

Yes queen. Send me an inquiry via the order form or email.

Do you have a physical storefront I can visit?

My production space is by appointment only and not open to the public.


Can you ship me a cake for my special occasion?

No- unfortunately, there is no way to ensure that your cake will arrive in tact.


Will my cake be ok in the fridge overnight if I collect it the day before my event?

Yep! All cakes can be eaten 24 - 48 hours after pick up. I recommend you to wrap the entire cake box in 2 layers of plastic wrap before storing in the fridge. Remove cake from fridge at least one hour before serving. Keep away from direct sunlight, heaters or flames. 


How do I take care of my cake once it leaves your kitchen?

Keep the cake box on the floor of your car and make sure the air conditioning is on. The floor is the flattest and most stable part of the car. Try to avoid putting it on the seat, as it can cause the cake to slope during transportation. Keep your cake refrigerated (not frozen) and bring to room temperature an hour before serving. 


I've seen a cake on your Instagram feed that I love- can you make me something similar?

Sure! I can't guarantee that the cakes will be twins, but I can at least make them sisters.

Can you make a cake that uses fondant? 

Nope. Fondant-free and proud!


Do you make Vegan Cakes?

No, sorry! When it comes to a sturdy buttercream, there's just no substitute for eggs and butter. 

I have Celiacs and a nut allergy. Can you make me a cake?

There are nuts, gluten, dairy, chocolate, and eggs present in my kitchen. I take your food allergy very seriously, and I really, really don't want to kill you with my cake. If you are seriously allergic, I would recommend finding a bakery that specializes in allergy free baking.


Do you do deliveries?

Yes, in Chicago ONLY, with exceptions and for an additional fee. 


Are the flowers used on the cakes edible? Do they taste weird?

It depends on the cake. Generally, no. Flowers like roses or greenery won't hurt you if ingested, but why bite into a rose when there's a delicious cake in front of you? If they are edible, it will be indicated to you at the time of receipt. Use of edible flowers depends on availability, but most edible flowers have a very mild taste that does not interfere with the taste of the cake.

Oh look, you've made it to the end of the FAQs! Do you still have questions? Send us an email at

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