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music maker
cake baker

Chicago cake queen Emily Nejad is known equally for her cutting edge cake designs and for her joyfully rebellious personality and style. Since leaving her music career behind and founding Bon Vivant Cakes studio in 2017, Emily has quickly become the go-to cake creative for the Chicago cool crowd.

After making thousands of treats that made hundreds of celebrations even sweeter, Emily decided that it was her turn to throw the party. In 2021, Bon Vivant pivoted from taking custom orders to offering a full calendar of weekly cake and treat workshops designed for the cake-curious and pastry pro's alike!


If you're lucky enough to snag a ticket before they sell out, you'll be welcomed into the delightful world of Bon Vivant; expect playfulness, creativity, self-compassion, good humor, great snacks, and a killer playlist. Sure, you'll learn how to hold a piping bag, but Emily will also gently guide you out of your comfort zone straight into the creative zone where alllll the magic lives. You'll leave with a beautifully decorated treat, a sugar high, and that little buzz of pride that comes trying something new. No six words are sweeter than "I can't believe I made that!"

Emily resides in Chicago with her extended family of houseplants but splits her time in LA, where her partner lives.