Learn how to recreate Bon Vivant Cake's Shag Cake at home! In this 3 hour hands-on workshop, learn how to stack, fill, and prep a cake with buttercream, and how to achieve silky smooth that's perfect for piping. You'll work with colored buttercream and piping bags and tips to create the shaggy, swirly texture that the Bon Vivant's Shag Cake is known for, and finish it off with sprinkles and foiled candies.

Workshop is from 1-4 PM.



  • Buttercream basics
  • Cake decorating equipment & tools
  • Coloring buttercream with gel colors
  • Stack and fill a cake with buttercream
  • How to prepare your cake for the shag technique
  • Pipping tips (literally) and shag do's & don'ts
  • Design methodology, balance, style


Sold Out
  • Cake decorating equipment and tools, cakes, buttercream, preserves, an apron (these are your to use for the day but please leave it behind at the end of the class)

    Beverages and snacks provided (*feel free to BYOB)


    A digital recipe packet containing Bon Vivant's Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe, Cake Recipe, Cake Building Basics

    Your beautifully frosted and decorated cake 

    Resources to continue your cake journey at home