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Our Cake Queen

Bon Vivant founder Emily Nejad is known equally for her cutting edge cake designs and for her joyfully rebellious personality and style. Since leaving her music career behind and founding Bon Vivant Cakes studio in 2017, Emily quickly became the go-to cake creative for the Chicago cool crowd. In 2021, Bon Vivant pivoted from taking custom orders to offering a full calendar of weekly cake and treat workshops designed for the cake-curious and pastry pro's alike.


Emily leads a team of creatives both in the kitchen and behind the scenes as Bon Vivant grows, and she looks forward to expanding the studio in 2023 through class additions, amazing new teachers and more! 


At Bon Vivant, no six words are sweeter than "I can't believe I made that!"

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Amanda Arrellano.HEIC

Amanda Arellano

Role: Class Instructor & Kitchen Manager


Hometown: Eugene, Oregon


Favorite childhood dessert: Banana Sheet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Real Bananas


Favorite condiment: Ranch, obviously!


What’s your go-to karaoke song? ABBA's Take a Chance On Me


The podcast I'm most likely listening to while baking is: Crime Junkie

Anika Burg

Role: Workshop Assistant & Baker

Hometown: Washington, DC 


Favorite gas station snack: Extra Crunchy Cheetos 


Favorite condiment: Chipotle Cholula  

What song always gets you on the dance floor?  

LCD Soundsystem Dance Yourself Clean 

The podcast I'm most likely listening to while baking is: Couple's Therapy

Annika Berg.HEIC

We're always looking for creatives to join our team. Check out available positions:

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